I would like to be able to query the balance of an address (not belonging to me). The data should come from a fully synced bitcoin full node inside the local LAN and I do not want to query any api services outside my LAN like blockchain or blockcypher. Of course, API calls inside my LAN would be fine and even preferred.

Which query technique could you recommend me? What’s the minimum hardware requirement? I guess that would imply a large index of addresses, would I have to count with the same space as the blockchain data itself?

I know this question has been treated before, but most solutions posted there are not really up to date or not supported anymore. What’s out there as currently supported solutions?

Thank you in advance


So far, my research is that bitcoin-cli cannot reveal transactions based on an address, the txindex=1is only useful for using the RPC call getrawtransaction which doesn’t allow searching for addresses.

On the other hand, I’ve installed btcd: it allows using btcctl searchrawtransactions address which at least prints out ALL transactions. That brings me closer, but still doesn’t provide me the final balance. Would that have to calculated from the single transactions? If so, how?


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