It’s been just over a month since we launched advanced-feature futures trading* on the Kraken Pro mobile app, and the response has been phenomenal. Thousands of traders already enjoy the convenience of trading futures directly from their mobile devices.

The Kraken Pro mobile app’s fresh new UI is built on our 5-year-battle-tested futures platform. Access advanced futures trading functionality from anywhere using your mobile device.

Take the Kraken Pro mobile futures trading tour

Easy access anytime, anywhere. Get a convenient overview of your futures portfolio with balances, profit/loss, ROI, margin health and open positions.

Browse and sort through spot and futures markets, side by side, with both perpetual and fixed-maturity contracts available to trade. Open any market and analyze price charts with over 11 technical indicators, plus: order book, depth chart, real-time market trades and market overview.

See an opportunity? Open a long or short position easily. Optimize for execution and risk management with a range of advanced order types to choose from – as well as cross or isolated margin options – from wherever you are.

Instantly fund your futures wallet in three quick steps:

  1. Transfer
  2. Choose asset
  3. Select amount

That’s it! It’s just as simple to send the funds back to your spot wallet.

You can also:

  • Monitor funding rates
  • View the futures trading fee schedule

Download the Kraken Pro app now:

download kraken pro app ios
download kraken pro app google

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