The present era is the era of digitalization. Every work today is done on the Internet, it may be through a website or through an application. The Internet has become the hub of everyone you need. Similarly, it has paved the way for businesses to flourish and take their products to new levels.

Hence, digital marketing has become the new norm of modern-day business. However, digital marketing is a broader term. SEO, or search engine optimization, is significant for businesses to stand out and make a mark in the market. More so, it allows small businesses to compete with the bigger sharks.

It is difficult for small businesses to subscribe to advanced SEO tools to get into the SERP rankings. This can affect the business’s growth, but there is a solution for that, i.e., free SEO tools for small business. Many SEO tools will help you find the relevant keywords and metrics to rank your business. To gain knowledge on that, look at the next section.

Free SEO Tools For Smaller Businesses To Explore

Today, there are many free SEO tools whose objective is to help small businesses rank their businesses in search engines like Google and Microsoft. Furthermore, it will assist you with the guidelines that will help you to optimize the website and the content.

Here are a few free SEO tools that you can use to scale your business –

Google Trends 

Google is the biggest dominator in the digital marketing sector. It has many free tools that help small businesses to rank their website. Among them, there is Google Trends. It shows what is trending in different locations around the world. That way, you can find the relevant keyword to rank your business in the SERP rankings. Furthermore, you will get brilliant keyword suggestions to create content around it.

Google PageSpeed Insights

As discussed earlier, Google has a monopoly in the digital marketing section. It helps businesses to rank their websites and help them to grow gradually. Therefore, among the SEO verses, sight speed is imperative. The quicker the site opens, the more chances to rank higher. That’s why you can check your site’s performance with the help of Google PageSpeed Insights. It will tell you the time it takes to open and the issues you need to fix in your websites.

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Google Analytics

Another free tool that you can use is Google Analytics. It is a significant tool that helps you measure the whereabouts of your websites, especially with site traffic. In a more explanatory way, it will show the number of users who visited your site. Also, the time they spent and the ratio between the old to new users daily and monthly. Hence, you will get a holistic understanding of your organic traffic.


Plagiarism is one of the biggest concerns in the modern business bubble. That is why every organization, especially smaller businesses, should use Copyscape. This will help them to check the duplicity of content on the internet. For example, if you paste your content on their platform, it will show whether your content is original or duplicate. That way, you can adjust SEO features to rank the article in various search engines.

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Over 5 billion people use smartphones today, and they are highly active on the internet. As per the latest guidelines, Google prioritizes those websites that are mobile-friendly. Therefore, you can use the Google Mobile-Friendly Test, which will help check the optimization of your website. It shows how much time it takes to open the smartphone. That way, you can fix the issues if there are any on your website.

Yoast SEO

Content is the fundamental part of the website. You should ensure that the articles have the latest SEO guidelines for SERP bots to read your content easily. Therefore, you can optimize your content with Yoast SEO. It is a free tool, and it will show whether your article is optimized or needs some correction. That way, you can rank your content in SERP engines and social media.

Answer the Public

If you want hundreds of long-tail keywords, then you should visit Answer the Public. The tool will give you ideas based on a single keyword. That way, you can build your keyword strategy and state your writing strategy accordingly. Also, you will get common questions asked, which will further boost your content. All of these features are necessary to rank your business on the internet.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Before you build an SEO strategy, you need to put your website on Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. The application will run an audit of your website and show the technical issues on your website and ways to fix them. It will identify 100 technical issues on the website and add suggestions to solve those issues. Furthermore, the tool will tell you to add an internal link to boost your site’s authority. Lastly, it will show who links your website and enable you to scale it in search engines.

Exploding Topics

If you are searching for topics to write about, then the tool Exploding Topics will assist you a lot. When you open the platform, you will see it showcases the hot topics trending on the internet. That way, you can give your insights on popular topics and get the chance to get your site trending on the SERP engines. Hence, you will get large volumes of topics to add to your website and let it rank.

Google Alerts

Lastly, you can use Google Alerts to see whether any website is using your brand name and product in their content. If you add your brand’s and product’s names, Google will go through your ḍata and email you if someone uses it. That way, you can review and check for what purpose they are using it.

Last Thoughts On Free SEO Tools

In the end, the free SEO tools mentioned in the above discussion will help you rank your small businesses on Google’s search engine. That way, you can generate organic traffic and then generate leads to make sales and earn your revenue. Furthermore, it will expand your brand’s name on the internet and boost your income.

So, use those tools to let your business sail to new heights.


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