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Live streaming has become a lucrative hustle through which you can make a good amount of extra money. If you are someone who loves making videos, art, music, or gaming content, you can earn through streaming if you are good enough. Streaming has become very popular in recent years and in streaming, people can watch what you are doing in real-time without any filters or editing.

Almost every popular social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok now allows live streaming. Apart from these social media platforms, there are specific streaming platforms like Talk with strangers available. Depending on your interests, you can stream and play games, give advice, or share expert opinions. If you are wondering how you can make money while streaming, then here are four ways by which you can make money while streaming.

Get Tips/Donations for Streaming

The first and easiest way to earn money as a streamer is by asking people to send you tips for streaming. This is perhaps the most popular and easiest way to make money while live streaming, but the amount varies from person to person. Most streamers add banners or links to payment platforms like PayPal, Venmo, or any other local wallet service and ask the audience to tip them through those services.

Platforms like YouTube and Twitch have a direct option to donate or send money to streamers. For some streamers, it can even be the primary source of income. With recent advancements, fans can send money to their streamers more easily than ever.

Sell Personalized Merch

If you become a popular streamer, you can earn a great amount of money by selling your personalized merch. It is another way by which you can earn a good amount of money. You can design and make your own t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, hats, etc that are related to you or your content and sell them through Amazon or your own store.

You can promote your stuff by wearing it on your live streams when streaming on YouTube,, Twitch, or any other platform, and if it is good enough, most people will be compelled to buy your merchandise. There are some platforms like Merch By Amazon that make it easier to design and sell merch without paying anything upfront.

Monetization with Ads

Ads can be the mainstay of income for many people. When you begin streaming on a platform like YouTube or Facebook and fulfill their advertising or monetization program criteria, you will be able to monetize your videos and earn money through it. There are various types of ads that are available such as pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, and display or overlay ads. If you have a good audience, you can make a pretty decent amount of money through advertising alone.

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Brand Sponsorships

Although it is hard to get sponsored by brands, if you do get sponsored, you can make a substantial amount of money. Profits from deals and sponsorships with brands vary on a lot of stuff, but if your channel is niche-specific and you have a big following, you can get a good amount of money.

To land a brand deal, you should stay in your niche. For instance, if your niche is gaming reviews, you should stick with gaming reviews only and try to cut a deal with a gaming company or gaming accessories company. Secondly, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to brands if you don’t get many offers in your email at the start because sometimes you have to take the first step, but make sure to reach out to relevant brands only.

While doing sponsorships, don’t put your name at risk because your reputation matters more than a sponsorship deal in the long run. Stay with brands that you can trust and compliment your streaming.

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