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Google has finally succeeded the Fitbit Ace 3 children’s smartwatch with a new cellular wearable. It’s called the Fitbit Ace LTE instead of the Ace 4, which is what we were expecting, but the rest of it is anything but a disappointment.

If you’ve decided to get the Fitbit Ace LTE for your child, you’ll probably want to invest in spare bands. Kids are messy and accidents happen. Besides that, it’s also fun for them to have options and personalize their wearables as they like. Any of the best Fitbit Ace LTE bands will suit your child’s tender skin and also please them design-wise. As a bonus, each Fitbit Ace LTE band unlocks new items for the watch’s character, Eejie.

All of Fitbit’s Ace LTE bands look superb

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Choosing the right Fitbit Ace LTE band depends on your child’s needs


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