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Although the Memorial Day sale is over, we’re still seeing phenomenal portable power stations offers hanging around. Among those comes from Bluetti which has its popular power stations heavily discounted. For example, the latest AC180 which is on our top power cubes to buy is listed at its best price of $599 on Amazon.

The offer ultimately nets you a saving valued at $400 (40 percent) for the standalone unit. You can get a bigger saving when you opt for the solar generator set that includes a 200-watt solar panel, which you can pick up for $879 from $1598 after the 45 percent off is applied.

Why you need to invest in the Bluetti AC180 portable power station

Portable power stations like the Bluetti AC180 doesn’t only provide a backup power during emergencies and outdoor trips, but they can also be a better alternative to conventional gas-powered generators. Plus, they’re lighter and produce less noise, making them easy to transport while being more suitable for many conditions.

As for the Bluetti AC180 it features a 1152 Wh LFP battery capacity with 1800 watts output (peak at 2700 watts), enough to power many high-powered appliances or fully recharge a MacBook laptop more than a dozen times. There are multiple AC sockets and USB ports as well, powering up multiple devices at once.

Bluetti AC180
Bluetti AC180 has multiple full-sized sockets and USB ports along with a wireless charging feature. / © nextpit

In addition to solar charging, it also supports fast charging via wall source. This fully replenishes the AC180’s depleted juice from 0 to 100 percent in just 1 hour. But if you’re out in the wild, you can harness the sun’s energy to refill the portable power station.

Similar to pricier Bluetti power stations, the AC180 ships with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and compatible with the mobile Bluetti app. With the latter, you can remotely manage the AC180 as well as track your power consumption.

Bluetti says the sale will run until June 2nd at 0:00 Pacific Time, which gives you a few days to think of the offer. Likewise, what are your thoughts about the AC180 and its features? Let us know in the comments.


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