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Including the world’s first Qi2 Car Charger, a 3-in-1 Watch Charger and a 3-in-1 foldable Travel Charger.

ESR , has announced the availability of its brand-new collection of Qi2 chargers. Fresh off the back of its recent MagSafe + CryoBoost release, the brand is excited to debut its new lineup of 15W fast chargers for iPhone.

What is Qi2 Charging?

Qi2 is the latest standard in wireless charging technology. It delivers up to 15W of charging power and uses magnetic alignment to drastically improve charging speed. This not only ensures optimal power transfer but also minimizes energy wastage, making the entire charging process more efficient. The Qi standard was originally limited to 5-watt charging speeds, but Qi2 allows certified phones to charge at 15 watts. Any Qi2 charger can charge any Qi2 device. Additionally, the latest iOS 17.4 update has also unlocked Qi2 support for the iPhone 12.

The Biggest and Fastest Collection of 15W MagSafe Chargers.

ESR’s lineup unleashes the true potential of MagSafe with the biggest, fastest collection of 15W MagSafe chargers and accessories. Whether at home, at work, or on the go, ESR’s expansive collection of 15W Qi2 and Apple-certified MagSafe chargers delivers full-speed charging wherever users want it.

As of November 2023, ESR is the all-time top-selling brand of MagSafe accessories on, with over 12 million products sold. From cases to chargers and other accessories, ESR has been finding innovative ways to get more out of MagSafe in order to make users’ everyday experience with their iPhones better. The launch of this Qi2 collection is the next step in their continued mission to make tech easier to use.

Qi2 Charging at Home and Work.

For home and work, ESR’s Qi2 3-in-1 Watch Charger  delivers all-in-one full-speed charging for iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch in one sleek, space-saving device. It features Qi2 15W fast charging for iPhone and Apple-certified 5W fast charging for Apple Watch. The charger’s ring of magnets enables user’s iPhone to be placed in portrait for FaceTiming, landscape for watching, or StandBy Mode while charging.

For fast, convenient, and compact iPhone charging, ESR has the Qi2 Mini Wireless Charger. It also fast-charges compatible iPhones at 15W, and the extended, braided nylon cable and fortified cable base offer users the flexibility to move around and comfortably utilize their phone while charging, guaranteeing exceptional durability.

Available in Black and White – RRP $79.99 on Amazon  – Currently on offer at $72.99 with a further 10 percent discount coupon available.

Coming to Amazon UK soon…..


Qi2 Charging in the Car.


ESR has also got users covered when driving. The world’s 1st Qi2 Car Charger brings safe and reliable 15W fast charging to the car and is an upgrade on its best-selling Car Charger for MagSafe. Its Qi2 certification also ensures safe and reliable 15W fast charging for iPhones. Designed for iPhone 13 series and later, it features strong magnets with a holding force of 1,600g, and a 3-point vent mount with support arm, ensuring steady viewing and navigation even on bumpy roads.

The car charger offers convenient mounting options via the included dashboard anchor or its secure air vent for ultimate flexibility. The adjustable ball joint and full ring of magnets enable precise angle adjustment in portrait or landscape mode for comfortable viewing at any angle, and compatibility with practically all cars.

Available to purchase on Amazon  for RRP $35.99 – Currently on offer at $29.99 with a further 10 percent discount coupon available

Available to purchase on Amazon UK for RRP £35.99 – Currently on offer at £27.19.


Qi2 Charging on the Go.

When on the go, ESR’s Qi2 3-in-1 Travel Charger is the perfect companion for any trip. Its foldable design and included travel bag let users take the power of MagSafe with them on the road, and it offers 15W fast charging for iPhone, Apple-certified 5W fast charging for Apple Watch, and 5W charging for AirPods. It also includes a small, lightweight USB-C portable watch charger to power up on the go via numerous devices for tangle-free magnetic wireless watch charging anytime, anywhere. Its compact, lightweight design makes taking it on the go easy, and its all-in-one charging capability takes the stress out of staying powered up when traveling.

Available in Black and White for RRP $69.99 on Amazon – Currently on offer at $64.99 with a further 10 percent discount coupon available

Available for UK customers on offer at £62.99 via the ESR website



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