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How long will your Quest 3 controller battery last?

Best answer: Your mileage will vary depending on the type of AA battery you use and how frequently you play. In our experience, the Quest 3 Touch Plus controllers will last six to eight weeks per charge while using the console regularly, with shorter intervals if you play daily.

The Meta Quest 3 controllers ship with batteries inserted that are inactive until you pull a tab; after that, you’ll need to insert one AA battery in each controller.

How the Quest 3 controller battery life compares to the rest

The Oculus Quest 2 Touch controllers tended to last about three months per charge in our experience, or even longer if you played infrequently.

One key Quest 3 vs. Quest 2 difference is that the newer controllers add TruTouch haptic motors spread throughout the controller — where the Quest 2 had only one motor — giving you a more immersive experience. But the extra haptics also burn through the battery at a slightly faster rate than before.


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