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right so I unbox all four new iPhone 15s last week and I’ve been using them and testing them ever since not only comparing them to last year’s iPhones but also to the very best from Android to hopefully help you decide whether to number one switch from an old iPhone 14 pro Max don’t ask about the cracks and number two whether you might consider jumping across the border from your favorite Android phone because according to various articles even though total smartphone sales have been in Decline over the last five years people globally are switching more than ever but why is this and crucially is the iPhone 15 Pro Max the final nail in the flagship phone coffin taking more Android phone users away with it.

Battery and Charging

Switching gears to the premium segment, the iPhone 15 Pro Max addresses concerns raised by its predecessor regarding battery performance. The incremental but significant upgrade in battery life, coupled with a 5,000mAh battery, ensures prolonged usage without the need for frequent charges. The introduction of USB Type C charging brings a long-awaited change to Apple’s ecosystem, though the charging power remains limited to around 25 watts.

Design and Build

The titanium build of the iPhone 15 Pro Max contributes to a lighter device with slightly rounded edges, making it more comfortable to hold compared to the previous model. The introduction of an action button adds a touch of customization to the device. However, reports suggest potential issues with durability, necessitating the use of a protective case.

Performance and Gaming

Powered by the A17 Pro chip, the iPhone 15 Pro Max promises a 10% faster CPU and a 20% faster GPU than its predecessor. The GPU’s ability to support hardware-based Ray tracing opens up new possibilities for mobile gaming, bringing console-grade experiences to the iPhone. Despite the impressive gaming capabilities, some users have reported concerns about heat issues affecting performance.

Camera Innovations

The camera setup of the iPhone 15 Pro Max retains familiar elements from the previous model but introduces a significant upgrade in the Zoom capabilities. The inclusion of a five times optical zoom and hardware-based Ray tracing for realistic gaming graphics stands out as key features. However, some users find the overall camera improvements incremental, especially in comparison to flagship Android devices.

Display and Multimedia

The 120Hz Samsung-made OLED display remains a standout feature, offering a visually stunning and responsive experience. The stereo speakers, tuned by Apple, complement the display, providing an immersive multimedia experience. The device, although maintaining a high level of consistency with its predecessor, excels in delivering crisp visuals and rich audio.

iOS 17 and Ecosystem Integration
The introduction of iOS 17 brings several software enhancements, including new features like name drop and standby mode. These additions, along with the seamless integration within the Apple ecosystem, enhance the overall user experience. However, the lack of significant design changes and limited customization options may leave some users wanting more.

Final Verdict

The iPhone 15 Pro Max builds upon the strengths of its predecessor, offering incremental improvements in battery life, gaming capabilities, and camera zoom. The device’s integration within the Apple ecosystem remains a significant advantage for users deeply invested in the brand. While the device maintains its status as a premium flagship, the decision to upgrade may depend on individual preferences and priorities.


In the rapidly evolving smartphone landscape, both the Infinix Smart 8 HD and the iPhone 15 Pro Max carve out distinct positions. The Smart 8 HD impresses with its budget-friendly features, challenging the notion that affordability compromises quality. On the other hand, the iPhone 15 Pro Max refines the premium flagship experience, introducing notable upgrades while maintaining the essence of the iPhone.

The choice between these two devices ultimately boils down to individual needs, preferences, and budget constraints. Whether one opts for the affordability and surprising features of the Infinix Smart 8 HD or the premium experience and ecosystem integration of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, both devices contribute to the diverse landscape of smartphones, catering to a wide range of users.

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