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Ascension to the old new heights, London forks and USDT — we’ve got it all. Meaning, of course, that we can tell you something about the former two and do now offer the latter! But let’s start with the numbers.


Total July 2021 revenue: €1,500,573
July 2021 Revenue share: €150,057
Share per 100 CPAY: €0.166
Distribution date: August 6th, 2021
July 2021 Revenue share in ETH: 62.6554 ETH


In July 2021, Bitcoin made many a heart flutter when it began its ascension to the once controlled territories. Having fallen to $29,8K, it managed to conquer $42k and is now trading just below $41k.

But to some, it still lost its spot in the limelight to Ethereum. On 5 August, we witnessed the implementation of the Ethereum London hard fork upgrade. The upgrade is meant to make the blockchain more efficient by helping the network to process many more transactions per second. People also hope that it will help fight high gas fees.

Imitating BTC in its upward movement, ETH now trades at just above $2,8K.

What’s that on the right? Is that USDT??! (It is).


As expected, after the return to the pre-hype levels, our revenue stabilised: steadily and systematically it grew in comparison with the previous month, this time — thanks to the Wallet and, to a lesser degree, B2B. Card deposits are still feeling a bit under the weather (17% fall compared to June 2021), and the card programme has performed a bit worse in comparison with the previous month (6% fall). On the other hand, B2B had risen 3%, and the Wallet won back the ‘lost’ 17%.

We’re actively adding new coins and a few days ago welcomed our very first stablecoin. Now you can buy USDT on Cryptopay! We’re expecting new coins should attract new customers and spark interest in the old users, as well as serve as a basis for new products (for example, staking).

We’re also making iterative changes to our web platform and the apps. Hopefully, this will have a positive outcome on our customers and revenue, although our primary goal is to make Cryptopay easier and more user-friendly for our already existing community. And a bit more dapper, too!

Google is lifting its ban on advertising crypto, and our marketing team can’t be happier. They’ve got a lot in store for you.

Unless something unpredictable happens, the next couple of months promise to be steady. Explosive growth sounds sweet, but realistically, we understand that there’s a lot to do still.

Ah, almost forgot, our B2B team is getting ready for their fancy events — that’s an interesting story for the following issues.

Stay amazing!

If you came for the revenue share — you can withdraw it here. This guide will remind you how to do it.


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