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Greetings, tech enthusiasts! Today, we embark on a deep dive into the latest iteration of the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i for the year 2023. The central question we seek to answer is whether this laptop maintains its status as my top pick or if new contenders have emerged. Quick note: the “i” in 7i denotes an Intel processor, distinguishing it from the AMD-powered Slim 7. Let’s unravel the features and performance of this laptop to determine its standing in the competitive tech landscape.

Built Like a Boss

First impressions matter, and the Slim 7i lives up to expectations. Boasting top-notch build quality and a sleek aesthetic, this laptop strikes a balance between professionalism and coolness. Hexagonal vents at the back add a touch of flair, and the RGB keyboard, while more vibrant, retains a professional appearance.

Port Perfection

A laptop’s ports are crucial, and the Slim 7i delivers. With strategically placed ports, including two USB-C (one Thunderbolt, one USB 10 gigabit), HDMI 2.1, and three USB-A 10 gigabit ports, Lenovo ensures a clean and organized setup. The inclusion of indicator lights at the back adds a practical touch.

Display Delight (with a Caveat)

Lenovo has a reputation for crafting stellar displays, and the Slim 7i upholds this tradition. The 2560×1600 resolution, matte, non-reflective screen with a 240Hz refresh rate is a gaming haven. However, for multitasking professionals who game on the side, the display’s lower color accuracy and resolution may pose challenges for work tasks. Lenovo offers a solution with a higher resolution, more color-accurate display as a customization option.

Keyboard and Trackpad Tango

Typing on the keyboard feels great, although it doesn’t quite match the excellence of the Slim Pro 9i. The RGB lighting adds a lively touch, and the inclusion of a number pad caters to specific user preferences. The trackpad impresses with smooth tracking and accurate clicks, making it a reliable companion for everyday use.

Audio Ambivalence

While the speakers deliver decent sound, they fall short of the immersive experience offered by industry leaders like the MacBook Pro 16. The webcam’s performance is subpar, capturing visuals that don’t align with the laptop’s internal prowess.

Powerful Performance, A Few Degrees Too Hot

Under the hood, our review unit flaunts an I9 3900h processor, 16GB RAM, and an RTX 4070. Benchmark scores showcase impressive performance, but the laptop tends to run warm during light use, escalating to significant heat and fan noise under full CPU load. Finding a balance between power and heat might be a trade-off.

Battery Blues, Upgradeable Hues

On battery power, performance takes a hit, as expected. A commendable Cinebench score of 13,000 on battery power ensures respectable performance. The laptop’s massive 99.99Wh battery promises longevity for various tasks. Upgradability is a plus, with accessible memory and SSD slots for future-proofing.

The McAfee Menace

Before delving into pricing, it’s crucial to address the intrusive McAfee bloatware. Lenovo’s inclusion of aggressive advertising is unacceptable, disrupting the user experience. Buyers should be prepared to uninstall this unwanted addition.

Pricing Puzzle

As for the price, Lenovo’s site lists the I7 model at $1,500, while Best Buy offers the I9 variant with an RTX 4060 for $2,100. The AMD variant comes in about $100 cheaper. However, in 2023, Lenovo’s own Slim Pro 9i 16-inch emerges as a formidable competitor, offering a superior display, cooler operation, and a better keyboard for a similar price. The Legion Slim 7i excels if you specifically desire the RTX 4070 or prioritize faster ports.

Conclusion: Not a Must-Buy, but Still a Contender

In the gaming laptop arena, the Legion Slim 7i holds its ground but doesn’t command a “must-buy” status in 2023. It’s a solid choice, especially on sale, but alternatives like the Slim Pro 9i might offer a more well-rounded package. Opt for the Slim 7i if the RTX 4070 is non-negotiable or if faster ports are essential. For a broader user base, exploring alternatives might yield a more satisfying purchase.

Final Thoughts: Choose Wisely in 2023

Tech enthusiasts, is the Legion Slim 7i still your go-to, or are you eyeing other contenders in the ring? Share your thoughts, smash that like button, and subscribe for more tech insights. Until next time, stay awesome, and catch you later! 🚀

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