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LG Electronics recently announced that it’s collaborated with auto veteran Kia to bring its Automotive Content Platform (ACP) to Kia’s new EV3, the latest electric SUV from the South Korean car manufacturer. Powered by webOS, LG’s ACP brings some rather useful features for drivers and passengers.

LG says that it wants to go about transforming cars into “living spaces on wheels” – as such, the ACP comes with infotainment functionality including content streaming from platforms such as YouTube and Netflix for example, in addition to educational content for kids.

This is in addition to LG’s own free streaming service which comes pre-loaded into the ACP, LG Channels. It’s developed for for in-vehicle use and includes over 80 channels, real-time news updates and over 400 VOD content options, including movies, dramas and animated series for children, all accessible without the need for account sign ups.

LG says that it plans to expand its in-vehicle LG Channels service with more content in the future. Eun Seok-hyun, President of LG Vehicle component Solutions Company comments:

Our in-vehicle content platform elevates the mobility experience, providing easy access to a diverse array of high-quality content… We will continue to collaborate with leading global content providers to further enrich LG’s ACP, meeting the demands of both automakers and end users.

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