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We recently delved into the world of 14-inch laptops, witnessing the Lenovo Slim Pro 9i earning its stripes as a top contender. But here’s the twist – we upgraded to the larger 16-inch Slim Pro 9i. Our mission: Can it unseat the mighty MacBook Pro 16, claiming the throne as the ultimate high-performance, premium laptop for those not chasing gaming graphics? Let the showdown begin.

1. Look and Feel: Aesthetics and Comfort

Both these machines boast solid construction, minimal flex, and premium vibes. The MacBook Pro 16 exudes modern sleekness, earning it a well-deserved 5. However, Lenovo’s rounded edges bring comfort to the table, scoring a respectable 4. It’s a tight competition, but the MacBook takes the lead.

2. Portability: Weight and Charging Brilliance

In the weight game, both laptops impress, offering exceptional portability for their power. Yet, the MacBook Pro 16 edges ahead, earning a 5, thanks to its slight weight advantage and efficient charging with a smaller brick. The Slim Pro 9i secures a solid 4, making it a close contender.

3. Display Delight: Mini-LED Marvels

When it comes to displays, perfection is the shared language. Both laptops boast Mini-LED panels, shining bright, with vibrant colors and swift refresh rates. However, the Slim Pro 9i, on paper, steals the spotlight. Despite Lenovo’s technical prowess, the MacBook’s optimized screen real estate and font rendering seal the deal for a perfect 5 for both.

4. Typing Bliss: The Keyboard Showdown

Keyboards play a pivotal role, and here, Lenovo’s ace shines. The Slim Pro 9i’s keyboard outshines the MacBook’s, offering a luxurious, quiet typing experience and even throwing in a numerical keypad. It secures a solid 5, while the MacBook, with its excellent but less plush keyboard, claims a 4.

5. Trackpad Tango: Precision Battle

Top-tier trackpads grace both laptops. Lenovo’s mechanical trackpad maintains accuracy but lacks the natural feel of the MacBook’s. The MacBook Pro 16 claims a 5 with its seamless tracking, while the Slim Pro 9i lands a 4, still in the upper echelon.

6. Port Prowess: Thunderbolt Triumph or Stumble?

Here, the MacBook Pro 16 flaunts near-perfection, with Thunderbolt ports, HDMI 2.1, and an SD card reader. The Slim Pro 9i stumbles, offering fewer Thunderbolt ports, an older HDMI version, and a slower SD card reader. The MacBook scores a 4, while the Slim Pro 9i trails with a 3.

7. Sound Symphony: Audio Elegance or Atrocity?

In the auditory realm, the MacBook’s speakers reign supreme, delivering clarity, wide frequency response, and a cinematic experience. The Slim Pro 9i’s speakers, while good, can’t quite match the MacBook’s prowess. The MacBook secures a 5, while the Lenovo earns a respectable 4.

8. Processing Prowess: Power in Performance

The Slim Pro 9i asserts its dominance in processing, outperforming the MacBook in tasks like Cinebench. It secures a solid 5, while the MacBook claims a 4, acknowledging the Slim Pro 9i’s prowess.

9. Graphics Galore: Powering Visuals

In the graphics realm, both laptops flex their muscles. The MacBook can be specced up to a 38-core GPU, while the Slim Pro 9i flaunts up to an RTX 4060. Both earn a commendable 4, catering to demanding visual tasks and video editing.

10. Heat and Fan Noise Harmony: Whispers or Roars?

Efficiency shines in the MacBook Pro 16, running cool and silent for light tasks. The Slim Pro 9i impresses with its temperature management and reasonable fan noise, securing a solid 4 against the MacBook’s perfect 5.

11. Battery Battle: Endurance or Exhaustion?

Battery life becomes a battleground, and the MacBook Pro 16 emerges victorious with an 84% remaining after our 4-hour test. The Slim Pro 9i lags with 37%. The MacBook claims a perfect 5, while the Slim Pro 9i earns a 3, showcasing Intel’s efficiency struggles.

12. Upgradability Odyssey: Expand or Embrace Limits?

In the upgrade realm, both laptops face limitations. The MacBook Pro 16, sadly, offers no upgrades. The Slim Pro 9i allows access to SSD slots, earning a 3 against the MacBook’s 2.

13. Price Point Precision: Value or Vanity?

The MacBook Pro 16 demands a hefty price, starting at $2,500 and escalating to $3,500 for robust configurations. The Slim Pro 9i, priced at $1,800, offers commendable value. The MacBook claims a 2, recognizing occasional sales, while the Slim Pro 9i secures a 4, standing as a competitive alternative.

Conclusion: The Scoreboard Revealed

In a neck-and-neck battle, the MacBook Pro 16 secures an overall score of 55 against the Slim Pro 9i’s impressive 52. The MacBook Pro 16 retains its throne but not without acknowledging the Slim Pro 9i as a worthy adversary. For many, the Slim Pro 9i emerges as a compelling choice, offering premium quality, stellar performance, and a more budget-friendly ticket to the high-performance laptop arena. The decision ultimately boils down to your priorities – a MacBook’s finesse or the Slim Pro 9i’s prowess? Choose wisely, and may your laptop journey be legendary.

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