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Digital transformation has become a critical business imperative. Companies are increasingly adopting cloud solutions like VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) to boost efficiency, scalability, and agility. VCF delivers a private cloud infrastructure that is ubiquitous, flexible and integrated across cloud endpoints, and by leveraging VCF license portability, customers can experience true agility and deliver their workloads across a wide range of endpoints. 

Broadcom is pleased to announce that the new VCF License Portability entitlement is now available to be used on certified VMware Cloud Service Provider (VCSP) Pinnacle partner services. This new VCF License Portability entitlement authorizes customers to deploy their existing VCF licenses (version 5.1 or above, purchased after December 13, 2023) on any certified public or private cloud service. VCSP Pinnacle partners may now submit their cloud services for certification and listing as a VCF Certified Cloud Service. This shift is not merely about moving to the cloud—it’s about optimizing investments and empowering businesses to navigate the cloud landscape with greater choice of end partner, improving customer confidence in delivering workloads flexibly and reliably to any cloud endpoint, and gaining greater strategic precision that aligns to key corporate objectives.

One of the primary benefits of license portability is the investment protection it offers. Customers with the new VCF offering no longer need to repurchase new licenses when transitioning their workloads to a VCF Certified Cloud Service to take advantage of the partner’s wide range of managed services capabilities. This delivers substantial financial savings, and helps to significantly improve the return on investment of their VCF subscriptions.

When enterprises move to a VCF Certified Cloud Service, they are supported by a wealth of partner expertise. VCSP partners are highly proficient in VCF, ensuring customers can quickly and fully utilize their VCF stack and thereby realize the intended savings and performance benefits. Partners can offer additional managed services to operationalize, simplify, and optimize workloads for customers. This allows customers to focus on executing high value projects rather than spending time building up the stack, and managing workloads deployed on them. Allowing customers to use existing VCF licenses in the VCF Certified Cloud Service of their choice helps them meet their unique requirements related to performance, security, and industry or sovereign compliance without being limited by a one-size-fits-all solution.

By maintaining familiar VCF platforms and expertise while taking advantage of the capabilities of new VCF Certified Cloud Service, companies minimize risks associated with new software deployments ensuring operational continuity, reduce learning curves for their teams, and avoid potential technology or migration disruptions.

To be clear, this enhancement is more than just a technical update; it’s a key strategic enabler that allows businesses to adapt swiftly to market changes and technological advancements without the drag of infrastructure limitations. It helps maintain and enhance workflows and processes during migration, and frees up resources for innovation and growth instead of unnecessary expenditures on managing technical debt, licenses, and training.

Broadcom’s strategy to enable customers to use their existing licenses in VCF Certified Cloud Service not only supports their digital transformations, but also enhances how technology drives tangible outcomes. Moving forward, this will be crucial for businesses aiming to maximize their cloud investments and maintain flexibility amidst changing industry landscapes. The message for corporate customers is clear: your investment in VMware Cloud Foundation is now more valuable—and versatile—than ever.

As Broadcom Advantage Pinnacle Service Provider partners participate in the new program, those interested in offering license portability services must comply with certain conditions and self-certify their adherence. Detailed guidance will be provided in due course. Customers seeking a Service Provider capable of providing license portability can locate suitable providers on Broadcom’s website or by searching the Advantage Insights Cloud Service Provider section, which will be available starting in June.


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