Wed. Jun 12th, 2024


What you need to know

  • Visor is a new headset from Immersed, a company making work-in-VR software for years.
  • The new headset weighs one-third of Apple Vision Pro, yet has longer battery life and higher resolution displays.
  • Visor will be available starting at $399.99 with a Visor Plus subscription.

Visor is a brand-new VR headset designed by Immersed, a software company that’s been making work-in-VR apps for years. Visor represents a unique collaboration between Immersed and Qualcomm to develop a significantly lighter and less expensive headset than the Apple Vision Pro, all while retaining better battery life and higher resolution displays.

Visor’s unique form factor looks a lot more like a large pair of glasses than a VR headset, a key part of making this a VR headset you might actually want to work in. Visor weighs under 200 grams — compared to 515 grams for Quest 3 and 650 grams for Apple Vision Pro — yet is capable of running 4K micro-OLED displays with four million more Pixels than Apple Vision Pro.


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